Neidio i'r prif gynnwy

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Gwahoddodd AaGIC hyfforddwyr meddygol, hyfforddeion a'r rhai sydd â diddordeb mewn gwella ansawdd i gyflwyno crynodebau ar gyfer posteri ar gyfer Cynhadledd Edrych Ymlaen 2020.  Derbyniwyd nifer fawr o gyflwyniadau a gellir gweld y posteri gan yr awduron llwyddiannus yma. 

The need to adapt to indefinite uncertainty - delivering specialist care during a pandemic. A retrospective analysis and reflection of using telemedicine to manage respiratory outpatient care:

Saha, S

Effectiveness of ocular protection during simulated mastoidectomy:

Sebastian Sheehan *, Daniel Warrell (Awdur cyntaf ar y cyd/ Joint first author), Yasmine Kamhieh, Andrew Harris

Lessons Learnt from Morbidity and Mortality Reviews in a Tertiary Centre Post-Anaesthetic Care Unit:

John I J*, Duncan T a/and Saayman A

Combining CWTCH Cymru and COVID-19 to develop a National Video Consulting Service in Wales: 

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The National Video Consulting Service in Wales - Phase 1 Findings Using a QI Approach from 13,000 Welsh Participants:

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NHS Wales COVID-19 Innovation and Transformation Study:

James, T

Inter-departmental, multidisciplinary COVID-19 patient simulation exercise:

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Cardiac Arrest during Covid-19: A Multidisciplinary Simulation Based Approach:

*Creaser-Thomas J

 The importance of relationships to deliver teaching quickly and on a scale in a pandemic:

Williams N.E, Hemrom S, Jones Ll.A, Holmes T, Frost P

Using video conferencing and collaboration with experts to deliver real-time local COVID-19 learning during wave one of a pandemic:

Williams N.E, Parry-Jones J, Holmes T

Major trauma interactive 360 degree immersive learning scenarios:

Nicholas B*, West-Jones S, Morley K, Taylor R, Walters A, Rogers E

Adapting medical student placement experience in Intellectual Disabilities during the pandemic:

*Medhurst, D; Dunstall, H; Adrover, M; Isaac, A; Cardoza, B

Remotely viewing through the eyes of a Microscope!

*Obi EE

Seeking Alternative Methods to Teaching in Nurse Education : Virtual Reality:

Russon* H

Pilot Study: Improving Endoscopic Gastrointestinal Biopsy Specimen Processing:

*Tremlett J, Christian A, Haboubi H

Introduction of the ‘MyAsthma’ application to aid managing complex asthma patients in the outpatient setting:

Parkes E*, Lewis V, Zalewska K

Care Home Cwtch: an innovative response to support care home managers during challenging times (Covid-19 pandemic):

*Davies, R *Powell, J

Innovation in Challenging Times - Maximising Training Opportunities by Reducing Cancelled Operations:

*Holden C, Warrell D, Addams-Williams J

Medication collection from community hospitals: innovations to save a precious service:

Callander J*, Alsaadi D, Hill G

Bite size-the right size for Interprofessional education:

* Issac R ,Fitchett N , Vallabhaneni P

Obstetric Anaesthesia E-Learning Programme. An innovative educational resource for challenging times:

*James KE, Thomas G, Adamson M, Metodiev Y, Welsh Anaesthetic Trainee Collaborators.

Collaborate – The Smarter Way to Teach! :

*Cotter M, Hill C,

CAV Virtual Medical Work Observation Programme (VMWOP 2020) :

*Cotter M, Hill C, Stillman K

Remote Induction in The Welsh School of Anaesthesia:

*Braggins S(1), Dhadda A(2), Emmett L,(2) Duff E(3), Adamson M(3), Lilley G(3).   (1) Hyfforddai craidd WSA (2) Hyfforddai arbennig WSA (3)Anaesthetydd Ymgynghorol WSA/ (1)Core trainee WSA (2) Specialty trainee WSA (3)Consultant Anaesthetist WSA

An Evaluation of Gynaecology Outpatient Telephone Clinics during the Covid-19 Pandemic:

Stace C, Davies-Oliveira JC, Collett S, *Ashraf M

Tele-communication during COVID- A Quality Improvement project:

*Tayyab, Sarmad ; Leopold, Nicky

The impact of face-to-face pulmonary rehabilitation on the recovery of patients who have been diagnosed with severe COVID-19 requiring non-invasive and invasive ventilation:

*Lucey A, Lewis V, *Jones S, Fairbairn S

Designing and organising a virtual regional haematology registrar teaching programme during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Munglani* L, Scott G, Bygrave C

To establish the efficacy of podcast teaching for intensive care staff during the COVID-19 pandemic:

*Grice H, Williams N, Bradburn S, Holmes T

Innovative, interactive online training in pain medicine:

*Wainwright K, Wassall R, Pierce S

Trainees` Perspective on the best use of Supervision-Hour in Psychiatry Training - A Qualitative Study:

*Ahmed RA, Bader M, Mohamed F

Adapting Endoscopy training during a Pandemic:

*Abdalla B., Davies B., Shakespeare R., Turner J., Green J., Haboubi H

The simple innovations are often the most effective: Improving pre-surgical Covid-19 swab protocol:

*Warrell D, *Holden C

Documentation and streamlining of the critical care admission process in the COVID-19 age:

Riddell N*, Rees J, Graham A, Bradburn S

Creating an agile, simultaneously accessible patient list on critical care to ensure safety and continuity for a COVID future:

Riddell N*, Rees J, Graham A, Bradburn S

LocSSIP video training aids, a novel approach to reinforce patient safety:

Dias S, *Bradburn S, Riddell N, Schroeder B, Delgado M, Coles V, Spencer C

Rapid Service development of Buvidal Assisted Recovery in South Wales – experience gained from enhanced country wide Covid-19 funding of long acting Buprenorphine formulation:

*Melichar, J. *Pearson, L. *Verne, Julia. *James, Lucie. *Lewis, Julia.

Short course in Lung Ultrasound & COVID-19 at National Imaging Academy Wales:

Wardle P*, Pearce T, Kasprzyca C, Siddiqui I*, Buckle S, Whitchurch V  

A Covid-19 IBD HOT Clinic:

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Rapid Interprofessional Mass Training in the Cardiff and Vale Covid-19 Response:

*Kamath M, O'Donovan D, Saadat F, Lloyd J, Emmett L, Trisolini Longobardi G, Patchell I, Babolhavaeji F, Hadfield A, Diaz-Navarro C

National Imaging Academy Wales CXR Course during COVID-19 Pandemic:

Marin A*, Griffiths G, Ninan T, Pearce T, Buckle S, Whitchurch V, Wardle P*

Use of 360˚ Virtual Tour Technology to Supplement Theatre Experience for Medical Students During Covid-19:

*Seppings S,

National Imaging Academy Wales FRCR2B Revision Course during COVID-19 pandemic:

Ninan T*, Chung D*, McKnight L, Buckle S, Whitchurch V, Wardle P*

Case Orientated Very Interesting Discussions – 19; keeping learning going through a pandemic:


Adapting to change: Delivering High Quality All Wales Virtual Teaching in Neonatology:

*Perkins L, Webb J

Paediatric Anaesthesia E-learning Programme:

Thomas G*, Leslie G. Anaesthetic Trainee Collaborators.